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Mucky Ducks


Important Notice

There will be no more Mucky Ducks for the remainder of 2017.

There are changes coming in 2018 – watch this space


Mucky Ducks is a church based activity with plenty of messy play activities to explore different stories from the Bible.

It is advisable for your child to wear something you do not mind them getting dirty. Maybe this applies to adults too!

Refreshments are included.

All are welcome but the one condition is you have to bring a child!!



Photo Gallery

Mucky Ducks – 18th July

In Mucky Ducks this week we listened to the story of the 2 fishes and 5 loaves. We listened to how a little boy shared his packed lunch of 2 fishes and 5 loaves with lots of people. There was enough food to feed everybody when Jesus blessed the lunch box.
We enjoyed making sandwiches, examining the insides of a fish, playing with a flour mixture and making rolls.


eating my yummy sandwich

making sandwiches

my heart made sandwich

investigating flour mixture

investigating flour mixture

what does the inside of a fish look like?????

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