SBC Praise and Worship

Praise and Worship forms an important role in the life of our church, and one of the aims of the worship team is to bring new songs to share with the church. This web page aims to provide regularly updated information on the latest songs, as well as other information that the church may find helpful.


New Songs

Every moth we hope to bring one or two new songs, and introduce them to the church. Some of the songs may have been written many years ago but as far as we can tell, have not been sung and played at SBC.


This month’s NEW SONG is…

O Church Arise (arise and shine) – Keith & Kristyn Getty


Regular updates

This web page will be updated regularly to provide information on the new song about to be introduced to the church, you may hear them as a pre-service or post-service song initially.


Video Link

Where possible a YouTube video will be included, so you can get to hear the song before we get to sing it at church.


Church Magazine

The new song title and composer/artist, will also be included in the monthly church magazine.



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