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10th September 2017 AM (Rev Chris Hughes. “The priority of passionate prayer”)

3rd September 2017 PM (Rev Chris Hughes. “The greatest sin of all)

3rd September 2017 AM (Mr Robin Brenchley. “Examine your motives”)

27th August 2017 PM (Rev Chris Hughes. “The beauty of brokenness”)

27th August 2017 AM (Rev Chris Hughes. “Pure Series – 4 The Prescription”)

20th August 2017 PM (Mr Robin Brenchley)

20th August 2017 AM (Mr Alan Cole “Pure Series 3 – Pure Water”)

13th August 2017 PM (Mr Nathan Gordon)

13th August 2017 AM (Mr Robin Brenchley. “Pure Series 2 – Pure Wisdom”)

6th August 2017 PM (Mr Brian Dickson.)

6th August 2017 AM (Rev Chris Hughes (“Pure Series 1 – True or false?”)

30th July 2017 AM (Rev Chris Hughes. “Have you heard the call”)

23rd July 2017 AM (Rev Chris Hughes. “The forgotten hero of faith”)

16th July 2017 AM (Mr Robin Brenchley. “Samson”)

9th July 2017 AM (Rev Chris Hughes. “The snare of success”)

2nd July 2017 PM (Mr Robin Brenchley. “A Family Meal”)

2nd July 2017 AM (Rev Chris Hughes “2 good….2 bad”)

25th June 2017 AM (Mr Robin Brenchley. “Everyday Heroes”)

18th June 2017 AM (Rev Chris Hughes. “Facets of a firm faith”)

11th June 2017 AM (Mr Alan Cole. “The Faith of Joseph”)

4th June 2017 PM (Mr Alan Wright. “A good example and a good witness”)

4th June 2017 AM (Rev Chris Hughes. “Worshipping with the aid of a walking stick”)

Sams Testimony @ SBC 28 5 2017 pm

28th May 2017 AM (Rev Chris Hughes. “The battle for the blessing”)

21st May 2017 PM. (Mt Nathan Gordon. Tear Fund)

21st May 2017 AM. (Mr Robin Brenchley. “Strangers in a strange land”)

14th May 2017 AM (Rev Chris Hughes. “A flood of faith”)

7th May 2017 PM (Mr Brian Dickson. “Learning from the hypocrisy of the Pharisees”)

7th May 2017 AM (Rev Chris Hughes. “We aim to please”)

25th March 2016 Good Friday (Archbishop of Canterbury)


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