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Church Member Ian Childs works for a childs2Christian based charity called Compassion (please click on link below for their website). Ian was an advocate for a few years and now Compassion have taken him on as a member of staff. Compassion ~ Changing the world one child at a time. Compassion works in partnership with local churches in developing countries; providing resources, training and expertise to assist in the operation of holistic child development programmes. The local church is best placed to know the specific needs of their communities and provide integrity, long term commitment and Christian support to children and their families. Compassion works with the poorest of the poor in 26 developing countries in Africa, Asia, Central America and South America.  What Compassion Do ~Compassion’s holistic child development programmes focus on the spiritual, economic, social and physical needs of children through all stages of development. Our programmes are unique in that they are Christ Centred, Child Focused and Church Based.
Contact Ian Childs if you are interested in sponsoring a child.




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