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Ignite- is for  Children ages 4-10

Meets on Sunday during the 10.30am church service. Everyone starts off in the main service with their families and friends, then we split off to do our own thing. The children are divided by age into three groups. Our aim is to give the children a sound knowledge of the Bible and help them to develop a relationship with God. We want the children to realise that God is real, exciting and that He really wants to know them. We realise asking kids to sit still and being quiet for more than 10 minutes is asking for a miracle but we use different activities and styles to maintain their attention. The sessions are suitable for children with no church background as well as for children that have been to church most of their lives.


If you would like one of the Youth Leaders to keep in touch with your child with regular phone calls, please email an appropriate phone number we can use to youth@sbc-church.org.uk. By providing this you are giving us permission to call your child/children on a regular basis for a short chat, which can be held on loud speaker if you so desire. This is so that we can support you and the children through this difficult time where they may have questions, and we can show them love in action. Before the first call, you will be emailed so you know which leader will be contacting your child – ideally one who has taught their group before.”