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Ministry Team

Minister in Training

Nathan Gordon is our ‘Minister in Training’. Nathan Says: “I was born in South East London where I spent 25 years living in Catford. After matriculating through primary and secondary education I pursued a career in Sport. Those plans where cut short as I soon felt God calling me to ministry.

I was privileged to commence preaching the Gospel at 17 and blessed to share the message of hope across the UK, Poland, Paris & Atlanta USA. In 2011, I Graduated from Harvest Bible College in Glasgow Scotland, I then moved back to London actively serving my local church in Youth, Sunday school, Prison & Music ministry before moving to Rochester.

In my spare time I love watching and playing Football, a proud supporter of Liverpool Football Club, And I also enjoy travelling.”

Youth Pastor

Hi everyone, I’m Jacob and I am the Youth Pastor at Sittingbourne Baptist Church. I was born in the West Midlands but spent the last 14 years in Scotland, so my accent is pretty whack. I grew up in a Christian home so going to church, reading the Bible as a family, and learning about God was normal for me. It was when I was about 8, I made a profession of faith, knowing that I believed in Jesus for myself, not just on my parents’ faith.

For many years I wanted to be a vet, that was until I went to the USA in 2012 to help at a church soccer (football) camp. It was this experience of young people being hungry for the Word of God that sparked an interest in me to pursue something different, and I believed God was calling me into ministry with people, not animals (sorry James Herriot)!

I went on to study Theology at Highlands Theological College, UHI and then Adventure Tourism Management at West Highland College, UHI. In recent years I have continued to develop my calling and completed a ministry internship with the Free Church of Scotland, studied a course in “Independent Church Ministry” with ETS, and have also worked with young people and children in a variety of different church contexts.

I have a passion to share the good news of Jesus with young people and to enable transformation within the local church, developing gifts and nurturing potential. I also love leading worship, playing praise music, and seeing people worship our Good Good Father.

I enjoy cooking and I like good coffee, chocolate, and cheese!

Church Office Manager (Beverley Sills)

I was born in the North-East of England- Hartlepool and went with my parents to the local Baptist church from the age of 3 weeks- so I am told! I became a Christian at the age of 13 and carried on through school Christian Union and into University in Canterbury where I served in several different posts in the University Christian Union. That is where I met Richard – we were married in 1989 and have since then had our three daughters- who are all very grown up now! Due to Richards job we moved from our first house in Hartlepool up to Scotland for just under three years and then 24 years ago this August we moved to Sittingbourne. We looked at the notice-board outside of the church here which hadn’t got a minister on it and we were disappointed as we have just had a year or so of no minister in our church in Scotland- then we walked the length of the high street and went into the Christian bookshop where we were told there was a newly appointed Minister so we came here!

I was at home at that stage looking after the girls and as they grew I trained as a Nursery Assistant and helped to start and run Bright Stars Nursery here at the church then I trained as a teaching assistant and worked at Fulston Manor then I trained as a teacher and taught in the West Kent College at Tonbridge for 11 years- and now I am here! Looking forward to the excitement a growing church creates!

You can contact Beverley directly – office.manager@sbc-church.org.uk.