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Sunday Morning Service – 10.30am

This service begins at 10.30am and lasts approximately one hour. The service is conducted in such a manner than everyone, with or without a church background, will feel comfortable, and understand what is taking place, find it relevant to their everyday life and be challenged to enter into an ever deepening relationship with God. Each service centres upon a particular theme and seeks to explore God’s teaching in the Bible concerning that theme. A list of themes can be found in within ‘Dates for your Diary’ calendar section. Children and young people take part in the first fifteen minutes of the service before going on to Junior Church or, in the case of the young people, the Way. Holy Communion is celebrated as a part of the morning service on the third Sunday of each month.


Sunday Evening Service – 6.30pm

This service begins at 6.30pm. This service provides ample opportunity for lively worship, prayer and profound Bible teaching. At the present time the teaching is centred around exploring basic Christian beliefs with a view to their practical application for everyday living. Holy Communion is celebrated as a part of the evening service on the first Sunday of each month.


We have a standard theme for each month

First Sunday: Communion
Second Sunday: World Mission
Third Sunday:Equipping and Teaching
Fourth Sunday: Evening of Worship and Testimony
Fifth Sunday (where applicable): Special events

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