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The first choir practice is finally upon us, where we can finally get together and loosen up those vocal chords.

The intention is to have one or two practices per month depending how complicated the song is we have to learn, but David Casse assures me he will go easy on us until we get settled.

Practices are to take place in the sanctuary.



April / May

First practice: Saturday 28th April – 4pm

Second Practice: Saturday 26th May – Time: 4.30pm

First performance: Sunday evening service 27th May

The song we will be learning and performing is called “Yes he did” (See YouTube video below)


Notes to help you prepare

For those who could not make the last choir practice, I have attached an edited version of my meeting notes. Reading through these should help bring you up to speed and help you prepare for the choir practice on the 26th May. Download notes here

Written music: Download here


Video clip

Below is a YouTube video for you to become familiar with before practice.
PLEASE NOTE: the version of the song performed on this is only appropriate up to about half of the video, but it does contain the verse and the chorus at the start, which is approximate to our needs.




Practice: Saturday 9th June – time TBA

Performance: Sunday morning service 24th June

Song: TBA


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