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SBC Church Choir

Praise him with singing

Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing.
Psalms 100:2

The Lord is worthy to be praised, Amen!

It is the pleasure of some in our congregation to come together to form our church choir. They are glad to sing praises to our God and to warm the hearts of those who come to hear.

The church choir intends to perform a song per month as part of our normal services, alternating between morning and evening services.

Please come along and support our church choir.


Notes for Choir Members

There will be either one or two practice sessions, depending how complicated the song is. Practices are to take place in the sanctuary.

All information for future practices and performances will be given in:

  • Sunday service sheet
  • Monthly church magazine
  • Email
  • Church website



  • In general, there will be just one song per performance.
  • Performances will be part of our normal Sunday Services
  • Performances will alternate between evening and morning services each month.
  • There may be two ‘special’ events in the year, one at Christmas, and other TBA



If there are any performances you cannot make, then there is no need for you to attend the respective practice beforehand.

For every other performance you will need to become familiar with the song, with any YouTube videos or sheet music provided, BEFORE coming to the practice session, and commit to being available for the performance itself.



No more regular choir practices and performances until after Christmas.


Music sheet: 

(handed out at practice)


Alto version – Audio: 

Video clip





Practice sessions will be most weeks in the Sanctuary, Thursday evenings at 8pm, exception – not on the 8th November as there is a Worship Lounge that evening.

To start promptly at 8pm, so we can finish as close to 9pm as possible, so if we start late, we may finish late.



Candlelight service this year: 16th December


Practice sessions

There is an EXTRA practice session to take place immediately AFTER the respective Sunday morning service have finished. We hope to be finished for 1pm. Extra practice session is in red.

December, 6th, 9th, 13th



The Songs

The songs we need to learn (click on song names for YouTube video clips):

For unto us a child is born

Look away to Bethlehem

Tell out the news

Tell out the news (children version)


*NEW* Additional tracks that have been recently added, have a red title for easy identification.

Tell out the News – Part 1 – Soprano


Tell out the News – Part 2 – Alto


Tell out the News – Part 3 – Men


For unto us a child is born – 4 part harmony


For unto us a child is born – Soprano


For unto us a child is born – Soprano – Verse 2


For unto us a child is born – Soprano – Verse 3


For unto us a child is born – Alto


For unto us a child is born – Alto – Verse 2


For unto us a child is born – Alto – Verse 3


Look away to Bethlehem – Soprano – Verse & Chorus


Look away to Bethlehem – Alto- Verse & Chorus


Look away to Bethlehem – Tenor – Verse & Chorus


Look away to Bethlehem – Bass- Verse


Look away to Bethlehem – Bass- Chorus




On performance day

Please arrive for rehearsal for 4pm, after which we shall have something to eat together, please bring your own food.

Dress: Men – white/light shirts, Ladies – white/light tops




The song ‘Yes He Did’ will be postponed till further notice.
PLEASE NOTE: the version of the song below is only appropriate up to about the first half of the video, which contains the verse and the chorus that is close to what we will be doing.

Written music: Download here





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