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Digging Deeper


Date Information

Final Digging Deeper session in the series ‘Is the church relevant today’? 30th July.

No Digging Deeper in August.


Please come along with your bible, and something to take notes with.



The Word of God is living and powerful, by it we find the answers to life’s big questions; Where did life come from? How was the universe created? Is there a God and is there any meaning to life? Is there life after death?

The bible is the preserved Word of God, and by reading it, understanding it and being obedient to it; we are told we are nourished and will mature spiritually.


Digging deeper into scripture

The objective being to dig a bit deeper into scripture and increase our overall understanding of God and the Bible.

The first course will lay a foundation from which we can build upon and will focus on ‘How to understand the scriptures’. There are well established guides and methods that help us have a deeper understanding of God’s Word, and so the first series will take look at how we can use these to our advantage.

Future series’ may focus on things like; Genesis, End Times, Old Testament vs New Testament, understanding and wisdom, the purpose of the church.


If you would like to be part of the bible study group, please see Brian Dickson in the first instance or Chris Hughes.

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