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Legacy of a grateful sinner

This month Paul completes his third and final missionary journey. This session wraps up the series by looking at the legacy of a grateful sinner.


Relentless preaching – from prison to praise

This month Paul concludes his second missionary journey, and begins his third and final mission before being arrested and sent to Rome.


A turbulent mission field sees increased fruitfulness

We continue our Bible study series. This month Paul goes to a very important church meeting, before beginning his second missionary journey.


First steps on the mission field

We continue our NEW Bible study series entitled “The Apostle Paul – A man on a mission”. This month, the Apostle embarks on his first missionary journey.


From persecutor to Apostle – the formative years

We continue our NEW Bible study series entitled “The Apostle Paul – A man on a mission”. Looking at the person and ministry of this prominent saint.


Before Paul – The man who had a vision

We begin a NEW Bible study series entitled “The Apostle Paul – A man on a mission”. Looking at the person and ministry of this prominent saint.


How to deal with the Devil

In this one-off session, we shall take a brief look at what Christians need to know when it comes to the Devil.


The end is only the beginning

In this final session in our study of ‘End Times’, we will consider four well known events; The mark of the beast, the two witnesses, the new Jerusalem and finally, our life in eternity with God.


The Millennium and the Day of the Lord

We return to our study of End Time events according to scripture. In this penultimate session, our study will major on the ‘Day of the Lord’.


Why the Bible is necessary for life

We take a break from our regular bible study series for August. In this one-off session, we focus our attention on the necessity and battleground of the Holy Bible.


The Rapture, the Day of The Lord and the Millennium

As we draw near to the end of our bible study series, we will be studying the Rapture, the Day of The Lord and the Millennium. As usual, controversy is never far behind.


The 70 week prophecy and the Anti-Christ

This week we will take a cursory look and the prophet Daniel’s 70 week prophecy and consider why there are so many views and conflicts, when it comes to understanding ‘the last days’.


Jerusalem, Tribulation and Desolation

In this session we will consider the destruction of Jerusalem, tribulation and desolation of the land and city. Service led by Brian Dickson.