A World Mission Evening

Sunday evening: May 21st 2017 – 6.30 pm. A World Mission Evening introduced by Nathan Gordon, who will be sharing on the work of Tearfund. Read More

Increase our faith - Luke 17:5

A flood of faith – Hebrews 11

Sunday morning: May 14th 2017 – 10.30 am Noah was a man of faith and there were three aspects to his faith. This morning’s sermon looks at the faith of Noah, The flood and God’s heart. Read More

Communion - The bread and the wine

Learning from the hypocrisy of the Pharisees

Sunday Evening: May 7th 2017 – 6.30 pm.  Throughout the Gospels, the Pharisees in particular came under regular fire for their hypocrisy. This sermon takes a closer look at at that hypocrisy and what they omitted.  Read More