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Miles’ Daily Summary on Job 15– 21

Discourse 2. Please read these summaries to get the feel, then read the chapter in a modern version, and see if you can find helpful bits to apply. Probably best to read one section each day, rather than blitz the lot.


Eliphaz Chap 15.

Here are some really appropriate conclusions about evil people, though inappropriately aimed at Job.

Evil may give short term benefits but is destructive in the long term. The tone is judgemental: if you were attacked like this would you 1. Defend yourself? 2. Lose all self-confidence? 3. Sift out any good advice?

I can’t wait to see how Job responds tomorrow!!!


Job Chap 16 and 17.

He says if the roles were reversed, he could say the same to his friends. He blames God for punishing him and can’t see why God would do this. Do you think God actually punishes us at times?

Job really suffers physically, socially and spiritually. He longs for a representative in heaven to stand up for him, but he didn’t experience Jesus interceding for us. Personally, I haven’t experienced serious depression. Have you ever experienced the suicidal depths Job feels?


Bildad Chap 18.

He accuses Job of overestimating his significance in the world, and all the deserts of evil men will inevitably come his way. He expects him to entirely disappear from history.


Job Chap 19.

Job lays all his considerable troubles at God’s door. He longs for some sympathy from his friends (don’t we all) but his servants, friends and even his wife are disgusted by him. Then comes the famous passage (25-27) quoted in “The Messiah” I know that my redeemer liveth. . .This is a remarkable sign of his faith in the ultimate goodness and forgiveness of God. I wonder if – when push comes to shove – my faith would stand this sort of test, and come out shining.


Zophar Chap 20.

More of the same message – evil doesn’t pay in the long term. Here is a very perceptive analysis of the results of growing old – I think I won’t! It would be really sad if all my pleasures were eaten up, and the results of my life’s work destroyed. Cheerful stuff! Interesting that Job is part of the poetry section of the Old Testament, and Solomon took a similar view in Ecclesiastes “Vanity of vanity, all is vanity”


Job Chaps 21.

Job takes a different view about God punishing evil people. In Psalm 73 (also poetry) David admits his feet had nearly slipped when he saw evil people prosper. The fact is evil people do often get away with it. Not that this changes Job’s values, as he still prefers to be godly, even if it doesn’t pay.



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