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SBC Faithful design is now LIVE

What’s New?

A fresh design to the church website is now LIVE.

What’s new?

The new design is called ‘SBC Faithtful’ and has been developed to be leaner, cleaner and more mobile friendly, with a feature to help your eyes in dim light.

Dark Mode

I have coded in a rudimentary ‘Dark Mode’ that is automatically activated, when your browser (or operating system) has been set to Dark Mode. It is not comprehensive, but it is enough to prevent your eyes from being blinded by too much white light whilst keeping text readable and distinct from the background.

More mobile friendly

The new design was developed using a ‘mobile first’ approach, so when you visit the church website using a mobile phone or tablet, the website should adjust according to the size of your device.
(The new design however has not been optimised for the latest bleeding edge tech like folding smartphones).


Performance is important in any development process in terms of page loading times. The new design has been optimised for better performance.
(Dependant on your internet connection speed).

Easier to read

Font styles, sizing and spacing have all been changed to make the information presented on the page, easier to read. This new design brings improved readability, making reading easier than before, no matter what device you are on).

Features and future tweaks

Many quality-of-life features have been added such as finding posts from previous sermons and a ‘back to top’ button, to help you get around the website quicker. Other tweaks and features will be added as we go forward.

Brian Dickson.

Recent Posts

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An evening of carol singing and spreading cheer around Sittingbourne

Childrens’ Christmas Presentation

A special morning service, led by Dani Osoba and the SBC youth team.

Why doesn’t God intervene to stop wars?

A Reflective service with Alan Cole. Service led by Beverley Sills and includes Communion.

What does the Bible say about War?

We begin a NEW sermon series entitled ‘The Prince of Peace’. Preaching from Nathan Gordon. Service led by Brian Dickson