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April 2022 Update

April 2022 update

Service Information

The ‘service info’ section has been moved and re-styled, on the Home Page ‘cards’. This information now sits just underneath the thumbnail image.

Improved ‘Dark Mode’

A much-improved dark mode is now accessible. This feature respects your settings at OS or browser level. So, if you have the ‘Dark Mode’ option set, you will be able to view the gorgeous SBC dark colour palette.

Other changes

There are various changes to the theme, mainly around colours of elements, just to make things more consistent. Some of these elements include text headers and buttons.


If you cannot see the changes, you may need to delete the ‘cache’ for the church website in your browser. Default settings for most browsers means, they store information on the websites you have previously visited, and so you are being shown an older theme version.

Delete the ‘Cache’ and ‘refresh’ the page. Hopefully, you should then see the updates.

Recent Posts

Evening carols around the town

An evening of carol singing and spreading cheer around Sittingbourne

Childrens’ Christmas Presentation

A special morning service, led by Dani Osoba and the SBC youth team.

Why doesn’t God intervene to stop wars?

A Reflective service with Alan Cole. Service led by Beverley Sills and includes Communion.

What does the Bible say about War?

We begin a NEW sermon series entitled ‘The Prince of Peace’. Preaching from Nathan Gordon. Service led by Brian Dickson