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3 Things we can do in lock-down


This virtual service will also include communion.
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What is the secret to a happy life?  

Throughout the ages the pursuit of happiness has been at the core of humanity. “I do this because it makes me happy” “Being with this person makes me happy” having this makes me happy” – etc. The reality is by placing the condition of happiness, joy and fulfilment on people, possessions or location, it restricts Joy to the mood swings of everyday life. People come and people go, possessions come and go so true joy cannot be consistent by placing such emphasis on the temporal.  

Excerpt from the Preachers Homiletical Commentary – Happiness is not found in anything external. It is a certain state of the soul when it is filled with the peace of God and lit up with the sunshine of heaven.  


Thessalonica during the first century  

The Thessalonian Church during its infancy was known for its faith, hope, love and perseverance which was commended by Paul who shared the Gospel in the region during his second missionary journey. Despite the great reports of lives transformed by the Gospel there was fears of persecution which would have no doubt affected the Christians in Thessalonica.  


Cause for concern? 

Amid fears of persecution there seemed to be some issues concerning when Jesus would return, hence Pauls focus in chapters 4 and 5 on the dead in Christ and the day of the Lord. However, Paul also seeks to minister some spiritual and practical wisdom of appropriate action for every believer waiting for the return of Jesus.  



Like the Church in Thessalonica wondering when is Jesus coming back? When will the persecution cease? In like manner, are we growing weary waiting for this pandemic to pass, we ask, when are things going to get back to normal?  

When are we going to return to the church building?   


Although these concerns and questions are valid, Paul prescribes 3 things we can do during times of uncertainty and in every season of life.  

  1. Rejoice evermore 
  2. Pray without ceasing  
  3. In everything give thanks   



Even in the midst’s of turmoil and distress find ways to focus on the Joy that comes from God in Christ, that is all-season proof! – It stands the test of time through sunshine and rain because our souls are anchored in the steadfast love of the Lord. When thoughts of fear, anxiety come into your mind, respond by thinking of the goodness of God and the great salvation that has come into the world through Jesus Christ. Turn to God in prayer and be thankful that we are loved and safe in the presence of almighty God.



Sermon Details

Theme: 3 Things we can do in lock-down
Reading: 1 Thessalonians 5 v 16 – 18
Preacher: Nathan Gordon

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