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An Unusual Breakfast

The service will also include communion led by Robin Brenchley our Minister in Training.


An Unusual Breakfast with the Lord

 Jesus said to them, come and have breakfast…
 John 21:11-25


Joseph’s empty tomb has become breaking news throughout Jerusalem and surrounding areas. The miraculous resurrection has caused split views from various sections of people, and a variety of rumours were already in full motion about what really happened to Jesus of Nazareth. However, despite many doubters it was crystal clear that Jesus was no longer dead but had risen back to life just as he said he would.

Our account today from John’s gospel reveals Jesus appearing to some of his disciples for the third time by the sea of Galilee. Peter and the disciples were out fishing all night without reward for their efforts, but Jesus offered a welcoming solution to their barren predicament. However, as we survey the narrative it becomes clear that Jesus had more than breakfast on his mind. This was an important visit that would spark a reaction from his beloved Peter and disciples.

Let us peruse the sentiments of what was an unusual breakfast with the Lord.


The story behind the 153 large fish – Verse 3,11

  • The frustration of fishing all night without catching anything
  • An experienced fisherman learns a new technique
  • The net remained intact despite the large amount of fish


Breakfast with important business to discuss – Verse 15 – 19

  • Peter’s motive for future ministry examined
  • Peter’s Restoration for previously denying Christ
  • Prophetic word of Peters death


The beckoning call to follow Jesus – Verse 19-25

 The personal and collective call to follow Jesus

  • John’s demonstration of love and passion
  • Peter’s lack of perspective
  • A true but incomplete testimony (Verse 25)



Service Details

Theme: An Unusual Breakfast with the Lord
Reading: John 21
Preacher: Nathan Gordon
Led by: Marion Brenchley

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