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Contemplating Christmas

A short service led by Chris Hughes and involving communion, followed by carol singing and invitation distribution at the front of the church.


Key verse – “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.”

When it comes to the Christmas story, Mary the mother of Jesus is often taken for granted and is frequently ignored. It’s about time we put that right ……….

In the middle of the night, not long after she had given birth, the stable was invaded by a bunch of visiting shepherds who noisily praised God and told all who would listen about the Christ child. Mary took such an intrusion in her stride and instead contemplated the meaning of that first Christmas. So what did she “treasure up” and “ponder in her heart?”

  • The angel’s announcement that she was to be the mother to God’s Son.
  • The time that she spent with Elizabeth.
  • Joseph’s change of heart regarding the marriage.
  • The long uncomfortable journey to Bethlehem on “little donkey!”
  • The desperate search for accommodation.
  • The birth in the stable.
  • The visit of the shepherds.

Mary mulled over and reflected on the amazing events of that first Christmas. Words no longer seemed appropriate, silence was required to process and to contemplate all that had happened.



Christmas is an incredibly busy time and we need an antidote to activism. So why not take a “time out” this Christmas to enter the inner world of silence and to contemplate the true meaning of Christmas (Philippians 4 v 8.)



Service Details

Theme: “Contemplating Christmas”
Reading: Luke 2 v 16 – 20
Led by: Chris Hughes

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