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Facets of a firm faith – Hebrews 11

Increase our faith - Luke 17:5


Communion - The bread and the wine

The Service will also
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If you go by column inches, then Moses is the second largest star in the constellation that is Hebrews 11; but his faith is bookended by his natural and extended family:-


The Faith of his parents. (Hebrews 11 v 23 & Exodus 2 v 1 – 10.)

“By faith” in courageous defiance of Pharaoh’s edict they took a risk and hid Moses for the first 3 months of his life before launching him on the good ship basket into the river Nile!


The Faith of his people. (Hebrews 11 v 29 & Exodus 14 v 10 – 31.)

“By faith” they courageously took a risk and walked through a dry corridor of land with the intimidating waters of the Red Sea stacked up skyscraper high on either side.

ChallengeHow courageous is your faith when it comes to taking risks?

So from his families to the main man; Moses’ inclusion in the hall of faith is down to him displaying three facets of firm faith:-

1 – Selfless Faith (v 24 – 26.)

Moses was rescued from his basket by Pharaoh’s daughter and eventually decamped to live in the opulence of the royal palace. When he reached the age of 40 he turned his back on his luxurious life and – “chose to be ill-treated along with the people of God. He identified with the reproach of his own people, prefiguring what Christ himself would later do (Isaiah 53 v 5.) “By faithhe gave up PLEASURE which he regarded as morally corrupt and fleeting; “by faith he gave up TREASURE rejecting the vast riches of Egypt in favour of future heavenly treasure.

ChallengeHow selfless is your faith when it comes to putting God and others first? (Matthew 16 v 24.)

2 – Sustaining Faith (v 27.)

We are told that – “by faith he left Egypt which could refer to when he left for Midian having murdered an Egyptian (Exodus 2 v 11 – 25) and where he remained for 40 years in weary exile sustained by a passive faith. Or it could refer to when he led the people out of Egypt towards the Promised Land (Exodus 12 v 31 – 42) after a lengthy battle of persevering faith against a stubborn ruler.

ChallengeDo you have a strong, persevering faith that will sustain you through all life’s ups and downs to the very end? (Colossians 1 v 23 & 2 Timothy 4 v 7.)

3 – Saving Faith (v 28.)

To protect his people from the death of their firstborn when the angel of judgement swept over Egypt, Moses “by faith inaugurated the Feast of the Passover. This involved the preparation of unleavened bread, the slaying of a lamb and the daubing of the lamb’s blood on the door post of the house (Exodus 12 v 12 – 30.) It became an annual celebration, the precursor to that even greater deliverance from the bondage of sin and death that Jesus would accomplish on the cross (John 1 v 29.)

ChallengeHave you experienced the bondage breaking power of Jesus in your life? (John 8 v 32.)


How was Moses able to display these three facets of firm faith?

“He saw him who is invisible Moses knew God and enjoyed a close, intimate relationship with him (Numbers 12 v 8) that enabled him to operate “by faith.

ChallengeHow well do you know God?



Service Details

Theme: ”Facets of a firm faith”
Reading: Hebrews 11 v 23 – 29
Preacher: Chris Hughes
Led by: Chris Hughes


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