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Guinebor Hospital and the Kings’ sheep

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We continue our sermon series entitled ‘Joy Bringers’.
This is also our ‘Harvest’ service.


Operation Chad

“We deliver babies, we remove cancers, we stitch up gunshots. We bind up wounds and perform surgeries…”

Bethan Shrubsole, BMS mission worker, Operation: Chad


What drives the medical staff to joyfully dedicate their lives to looking after sick and destitute strangers? Also, further linking into the parable of the sheep and goats, what can we learn from the actions of the Kings’ sheep?


Everyone is valuable to God

(Genesis 1:26-27/Matthew 25:40)

Being made in the image of God means that every human has incredible value because they are in some way like God, the created reflecting the creator. This value is not something we earn and is not a capacity we can lose. It is bestowed on the rich and on the poor, on the healthy and on the sick.


Challenge – do we recognise and demonstrate through actions that all people are valued by God and made in His image? (See Romans 2:11)


Sheep of Action

(Matthew 25:35-36)


They saw the need and responded with action


BMS Message of action regarding COVID-19

“As the world readies itself for the long fight against the Covid-19 Coronavirus, BMS World Mission is committed to being part of the solution to this global health crisis – both at home and overseas.”


Challenge – what can we do to get involved in service and action to demonstrate our faith in Christ and to help those in need around us?


Actions need the right perspective

(Matthew 25:37-40)


Quote from Billy Graham

“The highest form of worship is the unselfish Christian service!”

“and the greatest form of praise is the sound of consecrated feet seeking out the lost and helpless!”


Quote from Rick Warren

“The only way you can serve God is by serving other people! “


Challenge- Do we look at people with the right ‘eyes’ to lead us to serve them?




Sermon Details

Title: Guinebor Hospital and the Kings’ sheep
Reading: Matthew 25:31-49 MSG
Preacher: Nathan Gordon

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