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Hope and the resurrection of Christ

We take a break from our sermon series for our Easter message. Preaching from Brian Dickson and our service will be led by Beverley Sills.

Sermon Notes

What makes Christianity unique?

There are many religions in this world, but there are less than 10 core large religions, including Atheism. Each have their own view and interpretation of the physical world we live in. Some include a spiritual aspect in their writings, but none go into any depth about death, its causes and then provide a solution to the problem of death. All that is, except one.

Without Christ and without hope?

In Luke chapter 24, we read the story of two men, as they journeyed from Jerusalem to a small town called Emmaus, but they were sad and very downbeat, but why?

As they travelled, they were joined by another on the same road. He joined them in their discussions. What they didn’t know was that they were in the presence of the resurrected Christ.

The heart of the problem

Why must we die? We go through life knowing that death is inevitable, there is nothing we can do about it, death comes for us all. Many of us will know what it is like to have lost a loved one. When we lose those closest to us, it is often the hardest pain to bear.

If death is all there is to look forward to, surely, we would lack all hope too, just like our two travellers?

The bible provides numerous details from Genesis to Revelation, on the cause of death and why we all experience it, but more importantly, a clear and proper solution is provided. However, that solution didn’t come cheaply, but it is readily available to all.

Life after death

The answer to all these issues is found in the sinless sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

His death was the price he paid so that our sins could be forgiven, and his resurrection means that we have the gift of eternal life with God. All because the Son of God gave up his life, so that we may be set free from the bondage of sin and death.  

Conclusion – Our hope & life in Jesus

Back to the men on their journey. Once Jesus had explained the scriptures, their eyes were opened, they realised that his death on the cross was not the end. Jesus is the resurrection and the life and like the two travellers on the road to Emmaus, we too can have that same hope and confidence, that our death will not be the end, instead it is a door through which our journey with God continues into eternity.

Questions for further study

  1. What was it that made these two men sad as they journeyed on the road to Emmaus? [Luke 24:13-27].
    • Was it a lack of information? [vv 19-24]
    • Was it a lack of understanding of the holy scriptures?
    • Was it a lack of faith?
  2. What are the biggest problems we Christians face today that could cause us to be sad and without hope?
  3. Discuss if it is possible to be a Christian, have hope and not believe in the resurrection of Christ? [1 Cor 15:12-17]
  4. Read vv20-26, and discuss the problem(s) presented, the hopes provided and to whom they are provided?
  5. Read and discuss [1 Thessalonians 4:13-18]. Is this a time that you look forward to? Share your thoughts and reasons.

Service Details

Sermon Title: Hope and the resurrection of Christ
Bible Reading: Luke 24:13-27
Preacher: Brian Dickson
Worship Leader: Beverley Sills

Download Sermon here

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