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Who was Jesus and what does He mean to you?


The next in a series of messages looking at the original 12 disciples of Jesus under the general heading of – “How God uses the average to achieve the amazing.”


Nathaniel was a very ordinary disciple, and we do not know much about him apart from how he came to be a disciple. Nevertheless we can learn how people seek Christ and become Christians from Nathaniel’s experience.

1) He was invited.  His friend Philip approached him and told him about Jesus (v45). People come to find Jesus in many ways, but often they are introduced to Him by a friend. We can all be personal evangelists like Philip.

2) He was sceptical. There is nothing wrong about questioning the claims of Jesus (v46). Seekers and new Christians often have doubts, but then find their answers through the Bible or Christian friends. If you have doubts then ask – or look in the Bible.

3) He approached with an open mind. Nathaniel honestly wanted to know more about Jesus, so he approached with an open mind. The
Bible promises in many places “seek and you will find.” If you approach Jesus honestly and be willing to listen to Him then He will reveal Himself to you. John 6:37.

4) He recognised Jesus as a great teacher. This was the first stage in Nathaniel’s belief (v49). He realised that Jesus taught with authority and was willing to listen to Him and accept His claims. Do we listen to the teachings of Jesus as recorded in the Bible?

5) He recognised Jesus as the Son of God. Nathaniel realised that Jesus was more than a teacher. Jesus demonstrated that He was the Son of God, who came to earth to be the Saviour of the world. Do we recognise this or do we just think that Jesus was a good man? John 3:2; Matthew 16:13-16.

6) He recognised Jesus as King.  Although Jesus is King in heaven, He also wants to be King of our lives. Will we let Him?


Who is Jesus and what does He mean to you?


Service Details

Theme: Who was Jesus and what does He mean to you?
Reading: John 1: 43-51
Preacher: Alan Cole
Led by: Chris Hughes

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