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How to build your spiritual house with confidence

We begin a NEW sermon series entitled “Stories Jesus told”. Service led by Nathan Gordon. Preaching from Brian Dickson.

Sermon Notes

Jesus told many parables, short stories used to illustrate a spiritual truth.

In Luke chapter 6, Jesus describes two houses, built by different people, but when the storms and floods came, both houses were tested, but only one was left standing.

We are all builders

If you could build your own house, what kind of house would you build?

Will you build your house with care, with great planning, or will you just go where the mood takes you and see what you end up with?

What is your house built on?

No matter what type of house you want to build, you are going to have to build on something, and what you build on can make all the difference between your house being able to weather the floods and the storms, or be totally destroyed.

How to build with confidence

The only difference between the two builders in this parable, is that one made the effort to build their house on a solid foundation (Jesus) and obey the commands of the Lord. The other builder decided to ignore and disobey the Lord, and the house of that builder fell and was left in ruin.

Today we will find out how we can build our house that will weather the storms and have a walk that will please the Lord.

Questions for further study

1. According to Luke 6, we all have a choice to make and we all have a house to build…

  • What are the important lessons to take away from this parable?
  • Do you feel confident in building a house that will weather the storms and floods?
    • Share any concerns or worries you might have

2. What does it mean to build our house on a solid foundation?

  • Discuss this in the light of our walk with the Lord
  • What do you think the results of the two builders means in reality?

3. Discuss some of the difficulties and distractions that might interfere with us in obeying God’s word in our lives, and how we might overcome them.

  • In the church of God we are not alone, discuss any ways we can help and support each other, so we can build a better house.

Service Details

Sermon Title: How to build your spiritual house with confidence
Bible Reading: Luke 6:46–49
Preacher: Brian Dickson
Worship Leader: Nathan Gordon

Download Service Audio here

View video of service here

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