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Six good reasons for not becoming a Christian

We resume the sermon series ‘The church goes out’. Service led by Brian Dickson and preaching from Alan Cole.

Sermon Notes

The early church grew rapidly in the book of Acts, but today in Britain this flood has slowed to a trickle. So what reasons do people give for not becoming a Christian even if they actually attend church?

1. There is plenty of time. People do not see the urgency of making a commitment. For people who are Christians the decision to follow Christ was the best day of their lives. Jesus gives them joy, peace and the opportunity to bring our cares to God in prayer. Then there is the fellowship with God’s people and the joy of service. Why wait?

2. God is a God of love and we will all get to heaven in the end. But God is also a God of justice and the Bible teaches that one day a separation will take place. Hell is as real as heaven.

3. I’m British! Britain is a Christian country and therefore we will get to heaven.won’t we? The Jews were God’s special people, but Jesus made it very clear that even the religious leaders were not going to be saved.

4. I have lived a good life so surely that will be acceptable to God? The Bible is clear that we are not saved by our works, whatever good we may have done in life, but by putting our faith and trust in God.

5. The church services are boring and the people are a load of hypocrites. Church services have two main purposes – to worship God and to learn from His word. To a non-Christian the services can prove difficult to understand and sermons are far from perfect but with the power of the Holy Spirit, services can become joyful celebrations. Church members are saved sinners and are certainly not perfect. Jesus Christ is our model, not the people in the pews.

6. I haven’t got time. Do you not have time to consider your eternal destiny?

What is your reason for not dedicating your life to Christ?


1. Why do you think that the church is growing so slowly in Britain today?

2. In Acts 11:3 Peter was criticised for taking the gospel to the gentiles. How should we deal with non Christian seekers who come into our church?

3. Read Acts 11: 19-30.  What factors are mentioned that led to the growth of the early church in Antioch and Jerusalem.?

4. What are the advantages of becoming a Christian early in your life rather than on your death bed?

5. What do you think that the main reason is for people not becoming Christians?

Service Details

Sermon Title: Six good reasons for not becoming a Christian
Bible Reading: Acts 11
Preacher: Alan Cole
Worship Leader: Brian Dickson

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