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Is the Holy Spirit for us all?

We continue with our new sermon series “The church goes out”. With preaching from Brian Dickson and our service led by David Casse.

Sermon Notes

The birth of the church

In Acts chapter 2 we read of the events that took place on ‘The Day of Pentecost’. It was a day like no other, it was a Pentecost like no other. It was the dawning and institution of a ‘New Covenant’ and the people of Jerusalem knew God was in town.

Nothing to do with Salvation

Our attention in Acts chapter 2 is drawn specifically towards the disciples who were told by Jesus to wait in Jerusalem. These men and women were already saved, just like those who believed in Jesus who lived outside of Jerusalem, including close friends like Mary and Martha.

The Purpose of the Day of Pentecost

This truly was one of the greatest days in history. The day the Holy Spirit was sent from Heaven, and all those whom He touched were filled, filled with the power of God and who then performed signs and wonders as evidence that God was with the church, but also enabled them for the work of ministry, to carry on from where Jesus left off.

Is the Holy Spirit for us today?

We may not see the signs and wonders as recorded on the day of Pentecost, but the ministry of the Holy Spirit is still ongoing in the world today, as we work together with Him in building the church of Jesus Christ.  

Making Disciples

The effects of the power given through the Holy Spirit, was seen in the witnessing, preaching and growth of the church. Today we still have the command to fulfil when Jesus said, “Go and make disciples”. And this we should seek to fulfil until the day the Lord returns.

Questions for further study

Q1. Was it the signs and wonders that drew thousands to be saved, or was it the preaching of the gospel message? Which one and why? (read Acts 2:1-16)

Q2. What differences are there with how non-Christians viewed the church in the early days following Pentecost, and how non-Christians view the church today?

Q3. What are the ways the Holy Spirit helps the church today? (see John 16:5-15 and Eph 4:11-16)

Service Details

Sermon Title: Is the Holy Spirit for us all?
Bible Reading: Acts 2:1-12 (NKJV)
Preacher: Brian Dickson
Worship Leader: David Casse

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