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Journeying with God

We continue with our previous sermon series ‘Faulty Heroes’. Preaching from guest speaker Paul McKnight.


Sermon Notes

The passage shared from is Genesis 22 takes place when Abraham is over 100 years old . Abraham believed that he had completed his journey, and yet in many ways that journey was just getting started.

When we reach chapter 22 of Genesis, this man of faith was asked to journey three days with God, in faith, just as he was asked back in Genesis 12, to journey by faith.

We are invited into this turning point and discover what God can do if we journey with him during this challenging season, when we and do things that cause his grace to be multiplied into our lives, so that the glory goes to God, and what God can do when we offer ourselves to Him in faith.




  1. What about the journey of faith that Abraham took with God inspires you in your own journey of faith over the last nine months?
  2. Abraham held onto the promises that God gave him, when others like his wife, son and servants could have asked questions. Has your Christian walk been driven by personal conviction or challenged by what others think about what your decisions of faith?
  3. Abraham waited a very long time for his personal breakthrough and yet God hadn’t given up on his plan for Abraham. How does that encourage you in waiting and believing.
  4. God brought a blessing bigger than Abraham of fruitfulness into his life and he multiplied the blessings to affect everyone. How open have you been to God multiplying his grace into your life. Consider the image of a cluster of grapes.



Sermon Details

Sermon Title: Journeying with God
Bible Reading: Genesis 22:1-19
Preacher: Paul McKnight
Worship Leader: Brian Dickson


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