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Joy in victory over Satan

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We continue our sermon series entitled ‘Joy Bringers’. This week’s preaching comes from Nathan Gordon.
This service also includes virtual communion.




The Seventy Sent Out 

This account is unique to Luke’s Gospel with the instructions and commission from Jesus to launch out in public evangelism, similar to the instructions given in Luke 9:1-6 for the twelve. However, on this occasion, the 70 were given no restriction on where they could preach, unlike in chapter 9 where the twelve were summoned to preach in Galilee avoiding Gentile areas and Samaria.


After appointing the 70 Jesus then lists some important instructions for their evangelistic sojourns. 

1 – GO – The 70 were to divide into pairs and visit all the places where Jesus was about to go. (V3)

2 – Be Vigilant – Jesus described the 70 like lambs amongst wolves, they would inevitably be surrounded by danger on their mission. (V3)

3 – Carry only the essentials/stay focused – The disciples were asked to leave their moneybags or even sandals, do not even greet people on the road. (V4)

4 – Bless each home who receives you – whoever received the disciples into their home would be blessed and whoever rejected them the blessing of peace would return to the disciples. (V5-6)

5 – Be Content & Receive your due – remain in the same house, eat and drink what they provide because the labourer is worthy of his wages. (V7)

6 – Heal the Sick and Proclaim the kingdom – The 70 were given authority to perform the miracle of healing in Jesus Name and to preach the kingdom of God has come near. (V9)


A harvest was promised to the disciples of souls that would be added to the kingdom, a picture of a plentiful harvest suggests the response of their labour and ministry would reap positive results, and that is exactly what happened. 




The Seventy returned with Joy

Upon their return, the disciples were filled with JOY but was their rejoicing centred in the right area? let us consider the following two points.


Demons have no power over us in Jesus Name – V 17-19


Rejoice even more about Heaven – V20




This account demonstrates the power and authority that we have in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. As the Church today we are more than conquerors through the victory that Jesus won over sin, death and Hell.

As we continue to serve the purposes of Christ in our local community, nation and the world we can do so knowing we have a life-changing and victorious message to share in this world.





1)  Read Luke 10:1-11 Do you think the instructions for the 70 would be effective today in our local context? Do you see any similar traits that we often follow today in sharing the Gospel? and what would be challenging for us to apply in our context today?

2) The Seventy returned with Joy saying “Lord even the demons are subject to us in Your name” Discuss the importance of embracing the truth of Gods power over demonic power and influence in our context today?

3) Jesus’ response to the 70 on their return was to highlight the importance of rejoicing more so in their eternal destinies rather than seeing demons subjected. Why is this so important?





Sermon Details

Title: Joy in victory over Satan
Reading: Luke 10:17-20
Preacher: Nathan Gordon


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