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What would it take to convince you?

We continue with the sermon series ‘People who have encountered Jesus’, with guest preacher Rev. John Western. Virtual service led by Brian Dickson.


Sermon Notes


Human nature means we find it hard to change our beliefs. Four examples from John 20:


John – verses 3-9

Convinced by negative evidence and love.


Mary – verses 11-18

Convinced by personal encounter.


Disciples – verses 19-20

Convinced by comfort and peace.


Thomas – verses 24-28

Convinced by positive evidence and grace.


The living Jesus can meet us with whatever it takes to convince us personally.



Questions for further study

  1. To which of these four examples (John, Mary, Thomas, or the group of disciples) of an experience of Jesus’ resurrection do you relate to most closely? Why?
  2. What difference did being convinced of the resurrection make to John, Mary, Thomas and the other disciples?
  3. What difference would it make in your life today if you were more fully convinced or more conscious of the reality of Jesus’ resurrection?



Sermon Details

Sermon Title: What would it take to convince you?
Bible Reading: John 20:1-28
Preacher: Rev. John Western
Worship Leader: Brian Dickson


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