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Relight my fire

We continue our sermon series entitled: “The Playlist of Life”. Preaching from Nathan Gordon. Service led by Beverley Sills.

Sermon Notes

The next song in our playlist is a throwback from the 90’s era of pop music and culture. Take That released and covered “Relight My Fire” in 1993, a song that was originally released by Dan Hartman in 1979.

Snippets from the lyrics

Verse 1

But like a thief in the night
You took away the love that I knew

Verse 2

Turn back the times till the days when our love was new
Do you remember?
No matter what was happening I was there with you


Relight my fire
Your love is my only desire
Relight my fire
‘Cos I need your love

Context – Isaiah 52:1-10

God’s people in the Holy City of Jerusalem were desperately in need of a spiritual and practical revival. Israel had become spiritually lethargic and lost their passion to serve the one true God. As a result of their disobedience, God allowed his people to be exiled out of their land by the Babylonians. Isaiah prophecies of their impending captivity but also offers great hope and comfort, that God is willing to restore and revive Israel to its former glory.


Just like Israel in Isaiah’s day, we too can become spiritually lethargic, dormant in our faith and even lose that burning passion to serve God and have a connection with God. We are going to look at some of those reasons why our flames may dim, however, just like Isaiah’s prophecy we too can regain our passion and relight our fire for Christ.

Quote Zone

“Life is going to give you just what you put in it. Put your whole heart in everything you do, and pray, then you can wait.” – Maya Angelou

F – Face up  – v1

  • God would ultimately deliver Israel from Babylonian captivity, but there was still a responsibility for Israel to be prepared.
  • Nothing can be fixed until it is faced.
  • Faith without works is dead (James 2:14)
  • By facing up we recognise the need to pay attention to our spiritual lives in Christ.

I – Inventory check – not material clothing but spiritual clothing. v1

But like a thief in the night
You took away the love that I knew

  • The prophet calls on Israel to adorn themselves both spiritually and physically with strength and splendour. (Get rid of the clothes of captivity)
  • For us to relight our spiritual fires, we too need to organise our spiritual garments to ensure we have the right spiritual clothing in our wardrobes. (See Col 3:9-17)
  • By examining ourselves spiritually, we can identify some of the things we have opened our hearts to that are not pleasing to God or causing us to lose focus on Christ.

R – Regain your passion and focus  – v2

Relight my fire
Your love is my only desire
Relight my fire
‘Cos I need your love

  • Shake off your dust! ~ a rallying call for Israel to walk in freedom and get rid of the chains holding them back.
  • More focus on prayer, bible study, worship, fellowship with other believers, serving and helping to make a difference in the community.

E – Expect greater things moving forward  – v8-10

Turn back the times till the days when our love was new
Do you remember?

  • Israel could look back to how God had delivered them out of Egypt and be comforted that God could deliver them again.
  • It’s good to look back at the first time we gave our lives to Christ or the first time we encountered his presence.
  • By looking back, we can be inspired to expect even greater things in the present and future because God has not changed.


  1. Discuss some of the reasons why Christians can lose the passion they once had for serving Christ and His church.  
  2.  Why do you think some Christians find it challenging to enjoy reading the Bible or praying?
  3. Reflect on a situation where you felt God awakening your spirit as He did with Jerusalem in verses 1-3.
  4. Read Colossians 3:9-17 & Isaiah 52:1 – discuss the connection between clothing ourselves with God’s qualities and character.
  5.  In what ways does God’s promise to restore His people without payment (v3) relate to the concept of grace?
  6. God asks His people to leave Babylon and to be clean (v11). How can we “be clean” in today’s world filled with various forms of spiritual “Babylon”?

Service Details

Sermon Title: Relight my fire
Bible Reading: Isaiah 52:1-12
Preacher: Nathan Gordon
Worship Leader: Beverley Sills

Service Audio here

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