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Resources 4 Righteousness


Reading: Colossians 3 v 12 – 17

Most of us would enjoy putting on a wardrobe of new clothes, something which in the spiritual sense happens when we become Christians, in that the filthy rags of unrighteousness and replaced with the gleaming robes of righteousness. But if such Christ like attire is to be worn without blemish, then three spiritual resources that facilitate a holy lifestyle need to be pre-eminent:-

1 – The Peace of Christ (v 15.)

The words – “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts are not, as many believe, to be applied to personal guidance, because the sentence continues – “since as members of one body you were called to peace. The context is that of peaceful personal relationships within the church. So when Christians are in good standing with one another, then the peace of Christ will rule their hearts; however when they quarrel and fall out, they forfeit such peace, replacing it with anger, bitterness and hurt. Relational peace is to be maintained (Romans 12 v 18) and when skirmishes do occasionally break out, reconciliation and restoration are to be priorities (Matthew 18 v 15 – 17) as marks of holy living.

ChallengeIs the peace of Christ ruling in your heart, or do you need to be a peacemaker towards someone?


2 – The Word & Worship of Christ (v 16.)

In a church plagued by false teaching the next resource was- “Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly. The Word of Christ was to have a settled abode in the church, that it might accomplish two things that had previously been mentioned (Colossians 1 v 28), and when ministered wisely would engender holy living:-

A – TeachingBoth of the formal and informal variety.

B – AdmonishingWarning and reprimanding on the basis of the Word of Christ.

When the Word of Christ is pre-eminent in the church via teaching and admonishing, the result will be, variations of sung praise – PSALMS (taken from the Old Testament); HYMNS (doctrinal statements such as Philippians 2 v 5 – 11); and SPIRITUAL SONGS (addressed to their fellow believers rather than to the Lord), all of which would be sung with gratitude from the lips and from the heart.

ChallengeHas the Word of Christ found a home in your heart, enabling you to teach, to admonish, and to sing with a grateful heart?


3 – The Name of Christ (v 17.)

The Colossian Christians, whether speaking or acting, were to – “to do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, this being the third and final resource for holy living. They were not to compartmentalise their lives into secular and spiritual; instead having identified with Christ, they were not to say or do anything that could not be associated with him, or that did not bring him glory. “Whatever you do, with no loophole or get out clause, is to be done in the name of Jesus (1 Corinthians 10 v 31.)

ChallengeAre you doing the whole of your life in the name of Jesus?



Service Details

Theme: “Resources 4 Righteousness!”
Reading: Colossians 3 v 12 – 17
Preacher: Chris Hughes
Led by: Chris Hughes

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