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The heavenly hurricane and the holy fire


The service will also include communion
and reception into membership



Not many of us excel at patiently waiting for something, but this is precisely what the disciples had to do regarding the coming of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1 v 4.) So they waited ………. And they waited ………. And then on the Day of Pentecost the promise became a reality and the gift of the Holy Spirit was given. Here are three possible ways in which we can think of the events on the Day of Pentecost:-

1 – A Day of RENEWAL (v 1 – 13.)

When the expectant disciples were all together in the one location the Spirit came and – “all of them were filled with the Holy Spirit. Such a renewing experience was accompanied by three supernatural signs:-

A – SoundThey heard a noise caused by  a heavenly hurricane blowing through as these former cowards were infused with a new power (Acts 1 v 8 & 2 Timothy 1 v 7.)

B – SightThey saw tongues of fire that settled on each of them, symbolic of bringing them purity (Isaiah 6 v 5.)

C – SpeechThey began to praise God in languages that they themselves had never learnt, but which were understood by the cosmopolitan crowd; a reversal of the curse of the tower of Babel (Genesis 11 v 1 – 9) and a foretaste of the multinational heavenly experience (Revelation 7 v 9.)

ChallengeAre you full of the Holy Spirit enabling you to experience power, purity and praise?

2 – A Day of REVELATION (v 14 – 36.)

The crowd were “bewildered” by all this as well as being “amazed and perplexed” so they enquired – “What does this mean?  In order to explain what was happening and to give it some context, Simon Peter brought a message of revelation based on two people:-

A – Joel(v 14 – 21.) What the crowd has witnessed was nothing less than the fulfilment of the prophesy of Joel, who proclaimed that God would poor out his Spirit on all mankind. The age of the Spirit had now arrived, characterised by prophesy, dreams and visions in fulfilment of OT Scripture (Joel 2 v 28 – 32.)

B – Jesus(v 22 – 36.) Peter now majored on Jesus, his life and ministry, with its signs and wonders; his death, resurrection and exaltation, whereby he is Lord and Christ, and from this position of great power he has poured out his Spirit.

ChallengeAre you presenting the Gospel in a way that explains and reveals Christ to people?

3 – A Day of REVIVAL (v 37 – 41.)

By way of response to the message the people were “cut to the heart” (Hebrews 4 v 12) as they were convicted of their sin and asked the preachers favourite question – “Brothers, what shall we do?They were to repent and be baptised, in order that their sins might be forgiven and that they might receive the gift of the Holy Spirit themselves. Following some further persuasion, the response was phenomenal – “and about three thousand were added to their number that day.The infant church was overwhelmed with thousands of new converts, not a bad return on a rookie preachers first ever sermon!

ChallengeAre you praying and working for the salvation of souls, the growth of the church, and for God to send revival?



Service Details

Theme: “ The heavenly hurricane & the holy fire.”
Reading: Acts 2 v 1 – 13
Preacher: Chris Hughes
Led by: Marion Brenchley

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