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The holy Bible & the holy Believer

This week’s sermon looks at ‘The holy Bible & the holy Believer’, with preaching from Chris Hughes.



The shortest verse (John 11 v 35) in the bible is famous for having only 2 words; the longest chapter in the Bible (Psalm 119) has 176 verses and a lot more than two words! Today we are only going to consider verses 9 – 16, so no need to panic! They begin with a question – “How can a young man keep his way pure? The answer given is – “by living according to your word. But how is this achieved? By cultivating 4 attitudes towards the word of God.


1 – Hungering for the Word of God.

Note the hunger of the Psalmist for the Word of God that he might remain pure – “I seek you with all my heart (v 10); “Teach me your decrees (v 12; “I will not neglect your word (v 16.)

If you are hungry for the Word of God, then this will manifest itself in you being committed to 3 things: –

A – Personal Bible ReadingYou will read the Bible on a daily basis.

B – Group Bible StudyYou will be a member of a small group.

C – Public WorshipYou will attend a church where the Word of God is publicly

read and expounded (1 Timothy 4 v 13.)


2 – Holding the Word of God.

Note how the Psalmist holds onto the Word of God – “with my lips I recount all the laws that come from your mouth (v 13); “I meditate on your precepts and consider your ways (v 15.)

You hold onto the Word of God by engaging in 2 important disciplines: –

A – RememberingYou will be committed to learning Bible verses.

B – ReflectingYou will meditate (Psalm 119 v 97) on those verses by way of focused thinking.


3 – Hiding the Word of God.

Notice where, and for what reason, the Psalmist does this – “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. (v 11.)

You allow the Word of God to take up residence (Colossians 3 v 16) in your heart that it might act in a restraining capacity when it comes to the temptation to sin; being mindful that although sin does have social and relational consequences, ultimately all sin is against God (Psalm 51 v 4.)


4 – Heeding the Word of God.

Notice the Psalmist’s commitment to obedience – “by living according to your word (v 9); “I rejoice in following your statutes (v 15.)

You heed the Word of God by implementing what it says (Matthew 7 v 21 & 26; John 13v 17.) There must always be a personal application, an action strep to be taken that will result in rejoicing.

ChallengeJesus once prayed for his disciples – “sanctify them by your truth; your word is truth (John 17 v 17.) When we HUNGER after and HOLD, HIDE and HEED the Word of God, then we will be kept pure. Are you cultivating these 4 attitudes?



Personal Questions.

1 – Three indicators were offered of a spiritually hungry Christian. Are you committed to all three? If not, what needs to change?

2 – Memorise and meditate on 2 Bible verses of your choosing this week?

3 – What difference does it make to your attitude to sinning when you know that ultimately all sin is against God?




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Title: The holy Bible & the holy Believer
Reading: Psalm 119 v 9 – 16
Preacher: Chris Hughes


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