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The Monday of Months

Today we continue our NEW sermon series entitled ‘Life Reboot’. Preaching and service led by Nathan Gordon.

Sermon Notes

Are you feeling the January blues already? 

The Christmas season has now concluded, and the reality of normality is beginning to set in with our regular routines of work, chores, paying bills and trying to put the new year’s goals into practice. It is believed from a secular perspective that January is the most depressing month of the year for several reasons. Today we are going to explore some of those stated reasons but most importantly we are going to find hope and expectation in God’s word.

Christ in us the Hope of Glory 

In every season (Including January) we can find a limitless supply of Joy that is not dependent on good weather or favourable circumstances but is firmly rooted in the love of Jesus Christ. 

Here are some of the reasons why January is called the Monday of months

  1. We’ve spent too much money 
  2. We’re all back at work (For those retired a return to regular activities, chores, school runs for grandchildren etc) 
  3. The terrible weather 
  4. The dreaded diet 
  5. Exercise goals and resolutions have stumbled 

So how do you feel about January? 

Do you feel like hitting an imaginary button to be transported back to December? Or do you feel inspired and excited about the prospects of a new year with Christ at the centre, despite the challenges that January may bring?

This morning let us allow the world’s perspective of January to be replaced with the hope that comes from God’s word. 

Philippians 4:4-9

  1. We can find Joy in EVERY SEASON – v4
  2. We have the power of prayer – v6
  3. We have the assurance of peace – v7
  4. We can adjust our thinking beyond the temporal – v8 
  5. We have good examples around us  – v9

Challenge – it’s important that we always remember joy is not found in and through the world, but our contentment comes from Christ and all He has done for us. Therefore, even in January, we find ground to rejoice in the Lord and be sustained by His peace that surpasses all understanding. 

Extra – Some quotes about God’s Joy

“The truest, purest joy flows from a discovery of Jesus Christ. He is the hidden treasure that gives such joy to the finder (Matt. 13:44).


But if you possess faith, your heart cannot do otherwise than laugh for joy in God, and grow free, confidence, and courageous. For how can the heart remain sorrowful and dejected when it entertains no doubt of God’s kindness to it, and of his attitude as a good friend with whom it may unreservedly and freely enjoy all things?


God of truth, I ask that I may receive so that my “joy may be complete.” Until then let my mind meditate on it, let my tongue speak of it, let my heart love it, let my mouth preach it. Let my soul hunger for it, let my flesh thirst for it, my whole being desire it, until I enter into the ‘joy of the Lord,’ who is God, Three in One, ‘blessed forever. Amen.’


Service Details

Sermon Title: Why is January dubbed “The Monday of Months”
Bible Reading: Philippians 4:4-9
Preacher: Nathan Gordon
Worship Leader: Nathan Gordon

Download Service Audio here

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