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Why did Jesus have to die?

In this Good Friday service we look at the fulfilling of an ancient prophecy, through Jesus on the cross.
This service also includes communion.



Sermon Notes


Why did Jesus have to die?

On this Good Friday we look not at the gospel story of the crucifixion, but at the prophecy made of Jesus’ death 700 years earlier when, empowered by the Holy Spirit, the prophet Isaiah looked forward to someone coming who would save the world from sin and offer hope of heaven.


1) Jesus died in fulfillment of prophecy.(v10) Many times the Old Testament speaks of one who would die for the sins of the world. Jesus came to fulfil those prophecies. The crucifixion was God’s plan for Jesus’ life – not a tragic accident.

2) Jesus came to take away sin (v5). We must not forget the holiness of God. Sin is a state of rebellion against God, as well as the things that we do wrong. Jesus died for our transgressions.

3) Jesus came to take our punishment(v6). God has to punish sin, but instead of punishing us, His own dear sinless Son bore the punishment for us on the cross.

4) Jesus died that we might have peace with God.(v5) The fellowship that man once had in the Garden of Eden is now restored.

5) Jesus came to offer us a free gift (v2,11) – a relationship with God in this life and a home in heaven. It is up to us whether we accept or reject it.



Sermon Details

Sermon Title: Why did Jesus have to die?
Bible Reading: Isaiah 53
Preacher: Alan Cole
Worship Leader: Nathan Gordon


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