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Miles’ Daily Summary on Job 4 – 14

Read this summary to get the feel, then read the chapter in a modern version, and see if you can find helpful bits to apply. Probably best to read one section each day, rather than blitz the lot.


Eliphaz Chap 4 & 5.

“You have done well in the past, helping lots of people, but now you need help.

In a night vision God told me nobody is pure in his eyes. Evil never pays, so now you Job, and your children suffer for your evil deeds. They brought disaster on themselves. Accept god’s punishment, and all will be well.”


Job Chap 6 and 7

“It is God who has destroyed my appetite and I don’t know why. I feel suicidal as I have run out of hope, and you friends are not much help. Friends should not be in it for their own gain. I am angry with you God, and I won’t stop complaining to you. Can’t you either forgive me or just leave me alone to die.”


Bildad Chap 8

“Why don’t you shut up and stop blaming God. You know from the past that God rewards good people and punishes evil ones. You or your children must have deserved your punishment, so ask His forgiveness and you will be restored to a happy life”.


Job Chap 9 & 10

“The record has got stuck! I know how powerful God is, and I can’t reason with him who hung the stars in space. If he is angry, I am helpless to defend myself however innocent I may be. Why God, did let me be born? Was it just to do me some harm? What have I done wrong to deserve your punishment? Leave me alone to die.”


Zophar Chap 11

“Who are you to challenge God? He is so much greater, wiser, and more powerful than you. If you reform your ways, all this will be forgotten, and you will live a happy life again.”


Job Chaps 12 to 14

“You are really unkind to make fun of me. I know that God is wise, and all- powerful, and can act as he sees fit, with nothing man can do to change his decisions. I want to argue my case before you God, to challenge why you treat me so harshly. No flesh is pure, nor does anyone live forever, and when we die that’s it! Our families carry on, but we don’t see the result.



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