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Where is God in our suffering?

We continue with our NEW sermon series entitled ‘Suffering Job’. With preaching from Brian Dickson and our worship service led by Richard Sills.

Sermon Notes

The book of Job provides a rich insight into how people understood God and how they related to each other during times of loss and suffering. This week we seek to find out if our scripture text (Job chapters 4 – 14) can help us understand – “Where is God in our suffering?”

Friends in need when the going gets tough

We find Job suffering loss, in torment and affliction. We read how his three friends sought to comfort him, at least initially.

It is when we are at our lowest and suffering the most, that friends and family can help us through our most difficult times.

Who needs Frenemies?

As we go through life we will always need to deal with trouble and affliction. The last thing we need are friends telling us, what we are going through may be our fault, because of our sin. It is our own doing as to why we are experiencing these troubles. Does our sin find us out? Can we find comfort in our affliction? Not according to Job’s friends.

Do you treat God differently?

If we find ourselves dealing with any type of loss or hardship, does our attitude towards God change? Do we even begin to question God? Perhaps even blame him?

We can learn a lot from how Job conducted himself. He wasn’t perfect but his faith towards God was unwavering. It’s not an easy example to read but perhaps much more difficult to follow.


Going through troubled waters

When you go through trials and afflictions of various kinds….

  1. Do you find it easy, or do you shy away from involving family and friends during such times?
    Discuss your reasons.

Caring for others

Comforting our friends when they are going through any kind of loss or difficulty is a loving and caring act:

  1. Job’s friends journeyed for to be with their suffering friend, and they spent over a week with him. How does modern living and western culture get in the way of us caring for our friends and family when they are in great need?
  2. If you genuinely believe the troubles of a friend is the result of their own making, should you tell them?

Our faith toward God in suffering

Our attitude toward God and our faith can sometimes be challenged during difficult situations

  1. Do you inevitably look to question or pin any blame on God for your suffering?

Understanding our pain and suffering

  1. How do you know if what you are going through is due to God’s chastisement? (Prov 3:11,12 & Heb 12:4-8)
  2. Can we find comfort in God when going through trials and tribulations? (Psalms 34:18-19 & James 5:13-15)

Sermon Details

Sermon Title: Where is God in our suffering?
Bible Reading: Job ch:3-14
Preacher: Brian Dickson
Worship Leader: Richard Sills

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