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A perfect song for the heart

We continue our NEW sermon series entitled ‘The Perfectionist’. Preaching from Nathan Gordon.

Note: Next Sunday’s virtual service will include Communion


Sermon Notes

If you had to choose one song to listen too for the rest of your life, what song would you choose? Is there a song that just touches your heart every time you listen to it? Does the song make you emotional, happy, sad, inspired?

If you were afforded the opportunity to write a song for a special occasion, what words would come to mind? – whilst you’re thinking let us consider a biblical song of the Old Testament that offers a perfect picture of God’s sovereignty and divine will.

Psalm 19 composed to be performed perhaps in public worship, under the instruction of David’s chief musician, aims to inspire the heart and focus the mind on the revelation of Gods law which is described as PERFECT. After skilfully transitioning the theme from God’s creation, the song moves to the law, commandments and statutes, and its results on those who obey them.


Six words are used in the psalm to present Gods law = Law, Testimony, Statues Commandments, Fear and Judgments

Evaluations of the law in song = Perfect, Sure, Right, Pure, Clean and True

Results of the law in song = Coverts the soul, makes you wise, rejoicing in the heart, enlightens eyes, enduring forever and righteous altogether.


Today we are going to analyse the Psalm and find out why the song is drenched in perfect tones, lyrics, harmonies and abilities to impact those who sing and more importantly live by its commands.


1)   The Law Giver is Perfect – v7

2)  The results of obeying God’s law – v10-11

3)  The Law points to an even greater song of Perfection – v12-13 & Hebrews 9:11-15




Jesus Christ is the fulfilment of the law and perfected what the law was unable to do in the Old Testament. The Levitical priestly sacrifice obtained a limited and symbolic type of redemption, however, Christ through the shedding of His blood obtained eternal salvation – meaning his sacrifice never needs to be repeated.




What can we glean in principle from the Old Testament law and apply to our lives today?

Maybe the principle of cherishing Gods word and living a life of obedience and sacrifice?



1)   What perceptions did you have about Christianity before giving your life to Christ?

2)  Old Testament laws can often be viewed as religiosity or legalism, why do you think such interpretations are viewed negatively?

3)  How can you explain the Old Testament law relating to the New Testament revelation of Jesus Christ and His Church?




Sermon Details

Title: A perfect song for the heart
Reading: 19:7-15
Preacher: Nathan Gordon


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