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The Blessing of Staying at Home


The Blessing of Staying Home

John 11:1-44


The mandate by Government to stay home during this national and world pandemic is challenging to say the least. COVID-19 has brought so much uncertainty, and fear around the globe as governments and health services are doing all they can to protect and save lives.

The sermon title this morning is provoking as it suggests a positive side to staying home rather than an inconvenience. And let’s be honest being asked to stay home, avoid public gatherings, avoid going to church services, and staying away from meeting friends can seem far from a blessing. However, from what appeared devastating turned out to be a mighty miracle as Lazurus was resurrected back to life.


Join me this morning as we explore this compelling story in Johns Gospel.

 How do we respond during this national and Global pandemic?
How can we make sense of all what’s going on around us?
How do we deal with the mandate to self-isolate and avoid public gatherings?


Why can staying home during COVID-19 be a blessing? Why was Jesus waiting in Peraea a blessing ultimately for Lazarus and his sisters?

 1)    So, we can draw closer to God – Verse 20-21

–    Jesus receives the news that Lazarus is sick
–    Jesus does not respond immediately and stays in Peraea


2)    To demonstrate Jesus’ resurrection power – Verse 25-27

–    Assurance that Lazarus will rise again
–    Martha’s faith encouraged


3)    To turn doubters into believers – verse 45

–    Many of the Jews who witnessed the miraculous resurrection now believed in Jesus.


Challenge – Martha and Mary dealing with their brothers’ sickness and subsequent death would have caused a plethora of emotions, grief and confusion. How can the church during this challenging period of COVID-19 maintain our focus on Jesus, deepen our commitment to prayer and worship and seek to help our friends and neighbours during this pandemic?




Sermon Details

Theme: The Blessing of Staying at Home
Reading: John 11:1-44
Preacher: Nathan Gordon

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