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The King is coming

Weekly sermon – continuing our sermon series entitled “Sketches of the Son of God”. Preaching from Chris Hughes.


A dead man being raised to life; people trusting in Jesus; this was all too much for the religious authorities, and so the “wanted” posters started going up all over Jerusalem. It was time for Jesus to be arrested, time for him to die.

And so, it was into this bubbling cauldron of intoxicating excitement, expectation, murderous intent, and no little faith, that on Palm Sunday Jesus entered Jerusalem. And by combining all the accounts of the Gospel writers we can examine the narrative using 4 headings: –

1 – Assignment.

Jesus was one of life’s great borrowers (a boat – Luke 5 v 3; a room – Luke 22 v 11; a tomb – Luke 23 v 53) and here a tethered donkey whose assignment, once untied, was to carry Jesus into the city.

Take home truth – are there things in your life that need to be untied so that you can effectively fulfil your God given assignment? (Hebrews 12 v 1.)

2 – Acclamation.

As Jesus climbed aboard and began the descent of the Mount of Olives the crowds threw palm branches and cloaks on the road and loudly acclaimed Jesus as the coming King (Zechariah 9 v 9.)

Take home truth – are you willing to acclaim Jesus as King over every aspect of your life? (1 Timothy 1 v 17.)

3 – Animosity.

The religious leaders, fearing a riot, tried to get Jesus to silence the crowd, after all he tended to favour the low key approach (Mark 1 v 44.) But not this time, which raised the levels of animosity.

Take home truth – Are you willing to endure opposition, hostility and animosity as a follower of King Jesus (2 Timothy 3 v 12.)

4 – Anguish.

As Jesus approached the outskirts of the city, while the crowd rejoiced, he wept (John 11 v 35) tears of deep anguish over Jerusalem for the missed opportunities, the spiritual blindness, and because of the destructive judgement that would eventually befall the city.

Take home truth – The heart of Jesus continues to break for all those who will not believe because he is fully aware of the certainty of judgement (Matthew 25 v 31 – 32.) For as he came as King on Palm Sunday, so one day he will come again as King of kings. Not this time in weakness and humility seated on a donkey, but in power and majesty, on the clouds accompanied by all his angels, to judge the living and the dead. Presently that coming judgement is being delayed (2 Peter 3 v 9) giving a window of opportunity to trust in Jesus before it is too late.


Bible passages

  • Matthew 21 v 1 – 11
  • Mark 11 v 1 – 11
  • Luke 19 v 28 – 44
  • John 12 v 12 – 19


Suggested Palm Sunday Songs

  • You are the King of glory
  • Hosanna in the highes
  • Meekness & Majesty
  • Praise is rising
  • Ride on, ride on in majesty



Sermon Details

Theme: The King is coming
Reading: John 12 v 12 – 19
Preacher: Chris Hughes

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